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The Mission (as it evolves)

The mission is to provide a venue where anyone can bring a product/project or idea and be granted a stronger following. Which will bring more exposure to us as well as them and put them in a light of TrueFreedom. The purpose of TrueFreedom is to forever expand and touch as many people’s lives as possible in a positive manner. The purpose of is to serve as a stage for the society with a limitless audience. is meant for the people but TrueFreedom is driven off of a positive, progressive, limitless lifestyle. What the people do with is solely determined by the society. But TrueFreedom in itself is a positive movement that can never be tarnished. The Mssion is to intertwine the two so that all can understand and utilize.

Clothing is another means we will use to get our message out. Within the TFSociety we drive off of self expression and self motivation. Our clothing is our expression of how we see fashion at this point in our time. The clothing will help to convey the message of True Freedom. Support and become the movement.The shop is here..

As you may or may not know we are trying to better suit everyone who deals with The TFSociety as well as better ourselves. Being apart of The Movement is about a lifestyle but more than that it’s about connecting people to your work as well as ours. Through time we have gone through many changes that we know is part of our own evolution. We have learned many things pertaining to people and the ways/things they choose to represent themselves. With that being said in order to support everyone who cares for their work the way we care about ours we need to enact guidelines in order to give EVERYONE a fair chance at pursuing what they feel is their own TrueFreedom. These guidelines are not meant to limit anyone at all. If you feel you cannot follow these guidelines then we cannot guarantee a post. The guidelines are here..