NFL Week 16 Scores

That's 2!

Indianapolis Colts- 19

Houston Texans- 16

Colts don’t finish abysmally 

Buffalo Bills- 40

Denver Broncos- 14

Is this saying something or does the Broncos defense need to step up

New England Patriots- 27

Miami Dolphins- 24

Almost Miami almost

Baltimore Ravens- 20

Cleveland Browns- 14

Baltimore holds strong

Oakland Raiders- 16

Kansas City Chiefs- 13

(Barring the Delay Of Game Penalty) Oakland had scored a touchdown on Fake Field Goal play

Minnesota Vikings- 33

Washington Redskins- 26

Short there primary quarterback and starting running back Vikings still get the win

Cincinnati Bengals- 23

Arizona Cardinals- 16

Bengals Still out here

Pittsburgh Steelers- 27

St. Louis Rams- 0

Whats the Rams excuse this year?

Carolina Panthers -48

Tampa Buccaneers- 16

Carolina can do big big things

New York Giants- 29

New York Jets- 14

Yeah Yeah, they both have the same record so what you say about one say about the other

Tennessee Titans- 23

Jacksonville Jaguars- 17

Sad that even with a win next week and a record of 9-7 Tennessee won’t make the playoffs

Detroit Lions- 38

San Diego Chargers- 10

Lions clinch playoff berth

Philadelphia Eagles- 20

Dallas Cowboys- 7

The Giants kicked Philly out the playoffs

San Francisco 49ers- 19

Seattle Seahawks- 17

Field Goals are making teams playoff caliber, full football, gotta play all 4 quarters for the full 60 minutes

Green Bay Packers- 35

Chicago Bears- 21


New Orleans Saints- 45

Atlanta Falcons-16

PICKED APART; Drew Brees broke Dan Marino’s record for passing yards in a season