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The Smoking Bowl Episode 12

The TFSociety firing off Inspiration, Character Vs. Reputation, Technology

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The Smoking Bowl Episode 11


Back with the master bowl and three real a*s topics. The Universe/Karma, Positivity/Optimism, Living In Reality.

Gandalf Pipes Edition


Here’s The Gandalf Pipes Episode in case you missed it..

The Smoking Bowl Episode T-E-N


AHHHHH Episode T-E-N, We made it :)



And Here’s Episode 10 in case you missed it..

The Smoking Bowl Episode 10


TF Bros back again with some real shit. Kicking off Discipline, Self Respect and Religion.

The Smoking Bowl Episode 9


TF shoots off 3 new topics with Coppin’, HypeBeast, Schoolin’

The SmokingĀ Bowl


Merry Christmas, The TFSociety fresh out the bag with 3 new gifts Rain in England, Faith, Bounce..

The Smoking Bowl Episode 7


For the seventh installment of The Smoking Bowl check out the TF brothers on some OG s*t showing Mac & Devin some consideration.

The Smoking Bowl Episode 6

The TF Bros are back fresh out the pot with some real sh*t.

Thinking, Principles/Values and “Haze”

The Smoking Bowl Episode 5


Your two favorite bros. put their paws on Blue Dream & Lean, Wet…con’t, and Segregation for this episode of The Smoking Bowl.

*”U Trippy Mane” was produced by Key…

The Smoking Bowl Episode 4


The TF Bros (along with Malcolm) shoot off 3 more topics

Fu*k Swag, Friend Of The People: I Fight Evil and “Thanksgiving/Black Friday”

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