Tyler, the Creator backstage at the 2011 VMAs

This 20 year old kid really came a long way in one year. From a whalin Cali skateboard kid to accepting VMA Awards. Tyler, The Creator is more then just a demonic kid with ambitions to Kill Them All. He’s a smart, creative kid that found his nitche in the game and was able to keep his name relevant. From his mixtape Bastard (one of the few mixtapes with more downloads then listens) to his album Goblin I think it’s safe to say Tyler did his thing. Not only is this kid interesting to watch, the kid has bars. He can make his insanity flow perfectly over his instrumentals and that’s something you have to respect in this day and age in rap (an age where MUSIC actually counts). Not only is this kid a great rapper, he brought his whole team OFWGKTA to the MTV VMA’s; something that probably seemed out of this world to them last year. Not only does this kid do it for his team, he can also make beats and produce. Tyler, The Creator screams talent and “Yonkers” was the perfect video for him to receive recognition on.

And honestly, his music is hilarious, if you know how to take it


Pay attention to his VMA acceptance speech and you’ll understand who he is.


Photo Credit and MTV article