Sushil Kumar wins “Who Want’s To Be A Millionaire” in India

A few days prior to attending the game show Sushil Kumar was making $120 a week as a government clerk. He tutored students to keep his mind sharp but besides his knowledge and love he lived off of the minimum.

Now he is the first person to win the 50 million rupee’s reward.

After winning Sushil said that he will

buy a bigger home for his family, give his brother some cash to start a small business and will use some of the money to pay for a course to prepare him to take India’s civil service exam, which could provide him a secure job.

And just as he was a child who dreamed of access to books to fuel his fervid desire for knowledge, he plans to build a library in Motihari so other children have access to the books and resources he never had.

(Quoted by the Associated Press)

But that seems like the right thing to do with your first million…

Source: ABC News