NFL Week 16 Scores

That's 2!

Indianapolis Colts– 19

Houston Texans– 16

Colts don’t finish abysmally 

Buffalo Bills– 40

Denver Broncos– 14

Is this saying something or does the Broncos defense need to step up

New England Patriots– 27

Miami Dolphins– 24

Almost Miami almost

Baltimore Ravens– 20

Cleveland Browns– 14

Baltimore holds strong

Oakland Raiders– 16

Kansas City Chiefs– 13

(Barring the Delay Of Game Penalty) Oakland had scored a touchdown on Fake Field Goal play

Minnesota Vikings– 33

Washington Redskins– 26

Short there primary quarterback and starting running back Vikings still get the win

Cincinnati Bengals– 23

Arizona Cardinals– 16

Bengals Still out here

Pittsburgh Steelers– 27

St. Louis Rams– 0

Whats the Rams excuse this year?

Carolina Panthers -48

Tampa Buccaneers– 16

Carolina can do big big things

New York Giants– 29

New York Jets– 14

Yeah Yeah, they both have the same record so what you say about one say about the other

Tennessee Titans– 23

Jacksonville Jaguars– 17

Sad that even with a win next week and a record of 9-7 Tennessee won’t make the playoffs

Detroit Lions– 38

San Diego Chargers– 10

Lions clinch playoff berth

Philadelphia Eagles– 20

Dallas Cowboys– 7

The Giants kicked Philly out the playoffs

San Francisco 49ers– 19

Seattle Seahawks– 17

Field Goals are making teams playoff caliber, full football, gotta play all 4 quarters for the full 60 minutes

Green Bay Packers– 35

Chicago Bears– 21


New Orleans Saints– 45

Atlanta Falcons-16

PICKED APART; Drew Brees broke Dan Marino’s record for passing yards in a season