NFL Week 17 Scores

And That's The Season

Miami Dolphins– 19

New York Jets– 17

That’s all folks

New England Patriots– 49

Buffalo Bills– 21

Patriots putting the Bills back in Check

Tennessee Titans– 23

Houston Texans– 22

Texans end the game with a (failed) Madden Decision

Jacksonville Jaguars– 19

Indianapolis Colts– 13

Will the Colts take Andrew Luck?

Philadelphia Eagles– 34

Washington Redskins– 10

With the offseason the Eagles might be able to make something happen

Chicago Bears– 17

Minnesota Vikings– 13

Vikings got a lot of work to do

New Orleans Saints– 45

Carolina Panthers– 17

Brees breaks records for fun

San Francisco 49ers– 34

St. Louis Rams– 27

San Francisco gets the round 1 bye

Green Bay Packers– 45

Detroit Lions– 41

And that’s with the backup QB Matt Flynn starting breaking the Franchise Record for most Passing TD’s in a game

Baltimore Ravens– 24

Cincinnati Bengals– 16

Bengals still make the Wild Card

Pittsburgh Steelers– 13

Cleveland Browns– 9

Let’s hope the injuries don’t effect the Steelers playoff play

Kansas City Chiefs– 7

Denver Broncos– 3

Not 1 TD Denver come on

Arizona Cardnials– 23

Seattle Seahawks– 20

After starting the season 1-6 Arizona finishes 8-8

San Diego Chargers– 38

Oakland Raiders– 26

San Diego eliminates Oakland’s playoff hopes

Atlanta Falcons– 45

Tampa Bay Buccaneers– 24

I remember when Tampa Bay had one of the best defenses

New York Giants– 31

Dallas Cowboys– 14

Eli played through a crazy swollen hand..Yay Giants are in the playoffs..

*Next week are the Wild Card Games

Cincinnati Bengals VS. Houston Texans

Pittsburgh Steelers VS. Denver Broncos

Detroit Lions VS. New Orleans Saints

Atlanta Falcons VS. New York Giants