Lil B “The BasedGod” White Flame Mixtape

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This Mixtape is Dope

Yall needa wake up from that Coma

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1. Fuck That Sucka (Intro)

2. Tiny Pants Bitch

3. Dirty Game

4. Bitch Of The City

5. Surrender To Me

6. Neva Switch

7. I’m Fabio

8. Fed Time

9. I’m Down 4 Hire (Produced By Lil B)

10. Watch Yo Bitch

11. Straps On Deck

12. Poppin V

13. Tank Of Propaine

14. Banga Luv Remix

15. In Down Bad

16. BasedGod Fucked My Bitches

17. BasedGods My Name

18. Keep My Eyes Open 2

19. Les Misrabel (Produced By Lil B)

20. Reflections

21. When I Write