Big K.R.I.T.

Boobie Miles

"4EvaNaDay" Coming February 20th

K.R.I.T finally got some time to sit down and finish up the mixtape

You already know what K.R.I.T. bring’s to the table

If You Don’t Check It Out then Click! on That Pic

Along with this Track he also released the Artwork to the Mixtape so enjoy it all until Feb. 20th

The 1st song I wanted 2 release from #4evaNaDay is calledBoobie Miles. It’s about over coming all the obstacles that block your dreams, the sacrifices that come with how hard you have to go to obtain your goal, giving your all no matter what the situation, the only difference between a winner N a loser is a winner plays until he wins – K.R.I.T.