Retro 1 Dave White


Time for another history lesson guys. 1985. The first Air Jordan ever was released. The OGs of all OGs the Air Jordan I Black/Red.


They were given the nickname “Banned” as Jordan was fined per wear for the sneaker not matching league regulations. You can consider that the breath of life to the sneaker culture.

With that being said lets take it to the future. Feburay 11th the Air Jordan Retro I “Dave White” was released and will be released again on Febuary 24th retailing at $175.

Honestly the kicks are an amazing rendition of the ones and should carry great value after the release. For those of you who don’t know who Dave White is he is an artist from Liverpool, England who explores modern culture and objects through his art.

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The kicks are defintitely dope and would be an asset in any collection.