The Saint Valentines Holiday


Here’s A Paper I Wrote Last Year On Valentines Day..

February 14th, the day of love rapidly approaches…or is it really a day for love? Do we know why all of our love is stamped, pampered and packaged on this one day? Was February 14th a regular day that a group of woman decided to use to test their spouses romance? This question has always bothered me and I was determined to see who this “Saint” was that put this “loving” pressure in my pockets every year. To find out I had to look a few years back…all the way back to 270 A.D.

Was this saint a man who started the day by leaving flowers on his lover’s doorstep with a trail of chocolate drops to some big surprise?  Contrary to what I believed the man who this holiday is named after is not known for his affection of his lovers but rather for couples who believed in their own love; and he died for that love. Saint Valentine was a martyr for marriage.

Back in the third century Emperor Claudius II of Rome placed a ban on marriage. During this time Rome was going through much turmoil and constantly needed new recruits for the military. Claudius II felt that married men were too distracted with their family lives so he decided to make marriages illegal (little did they know of the trouble he was saving them).  Saint Valentine saw this as a great injustice and secretly conducted the marriages of many young couples…until Claudius found out.

Once Claudius found out he had Valentine thrown in jail (it is alleged that while in jail he cured one of the guard’s daughter’s of her blindness and a deep companionship grew between the two). Claudius attempted to get Valentine to oblige with the ban on marriage and convert to the Roman Gods, but not only did Valentine refuse, he tried to convert the Emperor to Christianity; which sealed his fate.

Prior to his execution Valentine asked for a pen paper and wrote a letter to his new companion, which was signed with the famous “From Your Valentine”. He was executed February 14th 270 A.D.

Up until the 14th century Saint Valentine was recognized as a martyr that the people praised. During the medieval period people began to associate the date with love and lovers gave each other small gifts and handmade cards. Through time it became recognized more for romance and as time progressed; more for the material items.

So this Valentines Day I’m going to give my love the best gift and tell her about the man who gave his life for people to truly express their love. Hopefully by the end of the day I’m not alone with my loving story.