Lil B “The BasedGod”

The BasedPrint II

Download "The Basedprint II"

This dude is too legendary

And Like that The Basedprint II is here

Normally Lil B flood’s with videos before he drops a mixtape but this one was only 1 video deep

Not to mention #1 Bitch just dropped

I’m very interested to see what his NYU speech is going to be about

And this mixtape is one of the one’s that a lot of people wait for


Download "The Basedprint II"


  1. NYU
  2. Your Heart Never Falls
  3. Where The Game Began
  4. Dress For The Occasion
  5. Im Focused Man
  6. Based Freestyle
  7. No Luck To Show
  8. Gabana Flow
  9. Smooth
  10. Streets Never Sleep
  11. BasedPrint 2
  12. RIP to the Competition
  13. Fuck Em
  14. Lil B is A Legend
  15. Thug Love
  16. Worldwide
  17. All In Me
  18. Strict To The Street
  19. Wont Tell I Refuse
  20. I Aint Neva Won Remix