Lil B “The BasedGod”

4 Da Bi*** Mob


Like I was saying before this mixtape SLLLLAPS

Lil B Get off yo nuts bruh

Get that mixtape..

The Truth

The Truth is Lil B be flexing on the low

“I Bought Some hot Jordans, Cause I Can’t afford em”

His lyrics tell his story..

Cumin From Da Unda

The intro track to #1Bitch 

Who else you know rapping over Darth Varder’s walking music



Back to be Trapped In Basedworld

Lil B sampling some rare Goldhouse and another rare track

And made some rare visuals..

B***h Doing 30

A bad female twerkin on a pole for his video

Can you be mad at young bruh

“The Power Of Positive Thinking”