Lil B “The Basedgod”

I Go Dumb

“Green Flame” on Thee Way

Green Flame looking crazy

Some lowkey riding sh*t

Ahhh Damm..I wish a girl would run up to me and take her shirt off

I Got Alota Bit*he$

You see how far the Flames has come

Got Basedgod….lota…

Basedgod got Lil B stuntin odee..

Flowers Rise

One of those rare Lil B BasedGod classics

The truth does wonders to the soul

Don’t deny the truth..

Talking That Based

This was my shit off that Goldhouse tape

This shit slaps mane

Don’t front..

I Got Mo Based Freestyle

Back to that Green Flame

This guy’s play on words is sick

Is it really a play on words…sh*t jut call it his #Based..

Live Online (Bout My Dollaz)

Lil B shows respect to one of his mentor’s

Picks up Too Short’s flow and brings it to #BasedWorld

Check It Out..

Dress For The Occasion

And we finish up with some Basedprint: Vol II

Lil B still doing his thing man

Keep it up Bruh..