Montreality Sits Down With Roscoe Dash


Montreality hits us with another official sit down. This time it’s with Roscoe Dash and they chop it up about his upcoming project, wanting to work with Andre 3000, groupie stories, being one of the best celebrity basketball players, how he knows if a woman is wifey material, his TOP 5 DOA & More. Dope interview. Check it out below

In this interview with Montreality, Roscoe Dash speaks about:
– His story (0:18)
– The type of student he was at school (0:55)
– Jobs he’s had as a teenager growing up (1:04)
– What he spent his 1st big paycheck on (1:25)
– The key to success (1:40)
– What he thinks he were in a previous life (2:02)
– His talents aside from music (2:10)
– A book that he’s been reading (2:24)
– What he would call his book, if he were to write one (2:35)
– How he knows if a woman is wifey material or not (2:51)
– His biggest fear (3:15)
– His top 5 dead or alive (3:28)
– His upcoming project ‘Roscoe Dash 2.0’ (3:53)
– An artist he wants to work with (4:19)
– A memorable tour story (4:40)
– His last meal of choice (5:51)
– His favorite gangster movie
– His favorite superhero
– What he has in his pockets (5:59)
– His legacy, what he wants to leave behind (6:16)