Lil B “The BasedGod”

Rich After Taxes

Download “Rich After Taxes”

So apparently Lil B keeps it real

Can you believe it Lil B finally drops another mixtape

Lol this guy is dropping something new at least once a week #TYBG

In case you missed it Lil B has a 848 Based Freestyle mixtape you should go get the history..

After You download this..

Download “Rich After Taxes”


  1. Soul On The Streets
  2. I’m Winning
  3. Money Connect
  4. Soul Music
  5. Unprotected
  6. Don’t Be Afraid
  7. Based On A Tru Story
  8. The Room of Everything
  9. Take It Take It
  10. What Do You Do
  11. Still In The Wind
  12. We Getting Right
  13. Based Relax
  14. Dopehouse
  15. Gunz And Strapz I’m Depressed Based Freestyle
  16. Fonkin Wit Da Mac Based Freestyle