Brunch Klub II


New Orleans duo Vintage & Wally hit us with their 2nd mixtape Brunch Klub II. I’m letting it knock right now and the project slaps. Definitely worth the download. These dudes are stoopid lyrical with it. They do their thing for real. This ones going straight to the pod. Hit that artwork.


1.) Introduction..
2.) In Brunch We Trust
3.) The Weekend
4.) Meagen Good – Wally (Brunch Klub)
5.) Stay Focused [Freestyle] – Vintage (Brunch Klub)
6.) Do What I Do – Wally (Brunch Klub)
7.) Fr$h
8.) Vroom – Wally (Brunch Klub)
9.) Relaxation – Vintage (Feat. Slauta)
10.) In My Zone – Wally (Brunch Klub)
11.) BK Dreams
12.) The Vibe
13.) Brunch Klub Cypher 2012
14.) Now Its Silent – Wally (Brunch Klub)
15.) EHES – Vintage (Feat. La’Zanee)
16.) Kevin Durant