Nick Every Stash Duffle Bag (Grande)

The good people over at Nick Every held us down with a chance to hold one of their latest creations to give the people a look at the type of product they should be expecting.

The bag is called the Nick Every Stash Duffle Bag (Grande). Contrary to what you may think this is no ordinary duffle. Not only is it a stunt to have a huge swagged out black duffle but you can throw this one on your back.

I know from personal experience no matter how dope your duffle is it gets tiring carrying it around the whole time you travel. Being able to rock it on your back is a huge plus and on top of all that the bottom is leather. If thats not stunting then I don’t know what is.

There is no set release date yet but you know we”ll keep you posted. Make sure you follow @NickEvery and keep checking because it would definitely suck to miss something like this.