Kid Staxx Interview With The TFSociety

Recently we were afforded the opportunity to interview Kid Staxx and get his opinions on a few things. Dude definitely makes dope music and gives some good answers. questions are indicated by this > and answers are in bold. Check out what he has to stay below.

And check out the visuals for “98 Polo Sport” under the interview.

>1. Where are you from?
Im From The North Side Of Houston, TX.
> 2. How have your experiences in your hometown influenced your music?
My Experiences In My City Have Definitely Influenced Me To Make Great Music Because I Rap What I See From The Style, Haters, Positive, Fun Times And All That.
> 3. Whats your goal for your career in music?
A lot Of People Are In It For The Money And Fame But I’m In It For The Passion But Wouldn’t Mind Making A Few Dollars (HaHa) But My Goal Is To Make Music Everybody Can Enjoy And That’s What Has Been Happening So Far And I’m Glad.
> 4. Aside from reaching your career goals what are some of your other aspirations?
Some Of My Other Aspirations Are To Get A Scholarship For College And Get A Masters Degree. This Is Because No Matter How Well My Career May Go I Will Get An Education Because I Know That’s Something Nobody Can Take From Me.
> 5. How do you feel about the current state of hip-hop?
I Mean The Way I Feel About It Is Half And Half. This Is Because There Are So Many People Out There Making Good Music But They Recognize The Ones That Lack In Quality Just Because Certain People Like It. That’s The Way I Pretty Much Feel About Hip Hop And Its Current State.
> 6. Who in the game would you like to work with most and why?
The People I Would Probably Would Want To Work With Would Be Dizzy Wright, Robb Bank$ And The Whole Bakers Club. Robb Bank$ Because Everything About Him Is Just Cold And His Lyrics Are Out Of This World. Dizzy Wright Because He Is So Real And His Wordplay Is Amazing. I Would Like To Work With The Whole Bakers Club Because They Are All Different And So Smooth.
> 7. Who are your favorite artist in the game right now?
My Favorite Artist In The Game Would Be Between Robb Bank$, Dizzy Wright And Lo Thraxx. This Is Because They Are All Amazing And Just Have This Certain Style To Them That Is Just So Cool And Wavy Mixed In With The Raw Lyricism And Wordplay.
> 8. If you could give any advice to anyone trying to do their thing in music right now what would it be?
I Would Say Make Music You Truly Love To Make And Like Because Fans Matter But At The End Of The Day You Have To Like It.
> 9. Do you have any upcoming projects, videos, ect. that the people should know about?
Most Definitely I Have A lot Of Videos In The Works And A New Project Will Be Coming Very Soon So People Can Be On The Look For That.
> 10. Do you f*ck with the basedgod?
Haha Of Course I Do. Lil B Is The Truth Because He Does What He Wants And At The End Of The Day He Is Happy With What He Is Doing.

Here is the second leading visual on K.I.D. Staxx’s ‘Modern” Mixtape (

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