Lil B “The BasedGod”

Frozen Based Freestyle Mixtape

Download “Frozen Based Freestyle Mixtape”

Earlier in the month Lil Boss dropped a dope collective mixtape of Based Freestyles

If you want to hear some qualitative Based Freestyles you should fu*k with this one

No matter what Lil B will be considered one of the best for a generation

Most progressive, creative, diverse rapper of today

Lil B For Lil Boss..



Lil B been dropping some dope video’s (including the “California Boy” video)

But you definitely gotta check these out

BasedGod Loves the People, Lil B Loves the People, We Love the People

One Reason why Lil B will always be seen


Warm Ups (KD Call Out)

Run 4 Mayor

Woo Woo Swag**

Back Home  *Rare*


A Place For Everything *Rare*

Thug Life

Im Your Fantasy (Food For Your Heart)

Based Jam **

The Game On Lock (Illusions of Grandeur 2 Coming Soon)