Hip-Hop Recording Artist/Actor HEN-ROQ is getting behind the camera to bring us a movie. The film will be entitled “KITE” and is set for Theatrical Release early 2013.

Here’s a quick summary:

Khalief’s Full time job was affected by the failing economy, his job
as a mechanic was no longer able to financially sustain his loved ones
and left him without means to provide food and shelter for his three
kids and wife. As missed mortgage payments, utility bills and debt
begins to pile Khalief finds himself with no alternative to provide
for his family other than committing an act he knows is wrong. After
getting arrested and facing 360 months to life in prison reality sets
in for Khalief and he decides to write a “Kite” to his wife and
children informing them that they will never be together again.

Directed By Asahn Simmons & Ryan “Nimi Hendrix” Blake

I’m looking forward to this one.