Montreality x Joey Bada$$

This interview is official. Montreality sits down with Joey Bada$$ to help shed some light on his current situation. For those who don’t know who Joey is at all we’ll make it simple. Click this picture. 

In this Interview with Montreality, JOEY BADA$$ speaks about:
– The type of student he was at school (0:19)
– Jobs he’s had as a teenager growing up (0:42)
– What he spent his 1st big paycheck on (0:59)
– The key to success (1:06)
– Whether or not he likes reading books (1:22)
– What he thinks he were in a previous lifetime (1:36)
– His biggest fear (2:07)
– His last meal of choice (2:22)
– His favorite videogame (2:36)
– His favorite cartoon character (2:56)
– The reason he doesn’t have any tattoos (3:14)
– The release of “Rejex” & his upcoming projects (3:40)
– Wanting to collaborate with NAS (4:30)
– Artists that have influenced him (4:38)
– His legacy, what he hopes to leave behind (5:03)

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