Lil B ‘The BasedGod’

Illusions of Grandeur 2

Download “Illusions Of Grandeur 2”

What a mixtape cover; fu*kin epic

But Basedgod follows up Based Jam with the sequel to Illusions Of Grandeur

If you heard the first one the second definitely follows suit with alotta that real sh*t the niggas need to hear



  1. Rawest Rapper Alive 2013
  2. Cant See B
  3. Broken Levee
  4. The Game On Lock
  5. Illusions Of G
  6. Don’t Forget About Me
  7. Lost
  8. Hood Played Out
  9. Battery Acid
  10. Still In The Hood
  11. The Working Man
  12. Talking That Based Remix
  13. Bitch Dont Lie

Rawest Rapper Alive 2013

Good Luck With your tryouts Big Bruh