Lil B ‘The BasedGod’ X Montreality

Ayyeeee finally we get to #TFSCertify some Lil B. TYBG that is from Montreality one of the dopest interviewers out. #Rare. Fugg wit em..

In this interview with Montreality, LIL B speaks about:

– The type of student he was at school 
– Jobs he had as a teenager growing up 
– What he spent his 1st big paycheck on
– The key to success 
– His book “Takin’ Over By Imposing The Positive”
– What he thinks he were in a previous lifetime 
– His last meal of choice 
– His favorite cartoon character
– His favorite videogame 
– An artist he would like to collaborate with
– LADY GAGA “showing love” on her shocking new rap song (2:34)
– His long awaited debut album & upcoming Rock album (2:49)
– Challenging KEVIN DURANT to Basketball (3:41)
– His legacy, what he hopes to leaves behind

The Urban Authority across Canada.