Children Of The Gold


Southern Creative, Openmic, is back with an eye catching new visual “Children of the Gold“. Directed by Spencer Glover for Reel Focus the visual is a combination of lyrical prowess, golden imagery, and that mysterious confidence Openmic knows best. As the production bounces every image into play, the dark glow of the lighting, eclectic art, and symbolism keep the video engaging and highly entertaining.

This video is first up from Openmic’s new and highly anticipated release of FOR THE REBELS 2. Its predecessor, For The Rebels, spawned Openmic’s breakout success in the Southern region and media outlets nationwide.

“Children of the Gold….it’s just a dope way to to kick off my new music and ideas while speaking on the wave my generation has been riding lately. We’re so young and free but it’s too easy to become consumed in the ‘gold’ of everything around you.I personally find myself hustling to monetize every thing I do and create a lifestyle I want to live. But its like, at what cost?”

“The record itself is open to interpretation though. I ain’t trying to preach at nobody, just presenting my views. Shoutout to Mike Ewing he produced the record. And Shouts to Charity, she did an amazing job singing on it and is featured in the video.”


Prod: Reel Focus
Director: Spencer Glover
AD: Larry McGee

For The Rebels 2