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“Thank God I am Free”, a proclamation on the hook of Baltimore area rapper Chase’s new free thinking banger “TGIF”. Thank God indeed. The Baltimore MC has found a balance in his braggadocios yet introspective style. The beats is a hard hitting southern trap-esque beat laced with  spooky synths and space sounds that shockingly compliment each other. Flow has never been a problem for Chase as he oozes a swagger fueled confidence that makes Drizzy himself seem timid. It seems as though Chase has also found a lyrical balance in the track giving introspective  gems about his area growing up ( Its more killers in my streets than its n****s with degrees/soon as boys enter their teens that’s when they drop they hoop dreams/ but they still shoot with their team) while not sacrificing the fast playboy lifestyle he’s living.  Hopefully this track is a small taste of what The Cool has in store for listeners on his upcoming project. It could be a “Cool” summer after all.

You know we bout that freedom. We see you Chase. Hit that play.