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Touchy, A Human Camera

This is dope. This is a very real concept and that camera hat is fly. Hit that play and see the world through a different lens.

Still images below the video.

Everyday, we go through our routine taking our interactions with each other and our gadgets for granted. A quick check of the time on our phone during a conversation turns into reading a text, which then turns into tapping out a reply. In that way, technology has both helped us to stay connected and equally distance ourselves from those right in front of us. Hong Kong artist Eric Siu, a resident at the Ishikawa Oku Laboratory within the University of Tokyo, however, has turned this concept of human-technology interaction on it head (no pun intended). Called TOUCHY, Siu has created a touch-driven camera that sits on its wearers head, blocking their view until they are touched by someone else. Only then can the wearer see their world and the camera snap a photo, one every 10 seconds. As soon as the contact ends, TOUCHY closes the oversized shutters on the viewmaster-type device. Obviously, Touchy is not meant to be a product that will go to market; instead, Siu is using the device as a phenomenological social interaction experiment reminding us of the importance and the benefits of reaching out and touching someone. You can learn more about Siu’s project at his website or through his video after the jump.

TOUCHY, a Human Camera

TOUCHY, a Human Camera

TOUCHY, a Human Camera


KONY 2012 is Working

Joseph Kony

Within less then a month the KONY 2012 video has gotten over 100 million views

The movement has global support

And the peoples word have been heard

The House and Senate have a combined 76 co-sponsors

No matter the controversy or whatever smaller issue that people see with the movement they are getting it done

Word is being spread and the U.S. is recognizing that a real global terror needs to be taken care of

Global Peace should always be at the forefront

Keep spreading the word..

Invisible Children

KONY 2012

Joseph Kony

Watch The Video

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KONY 2012 is a film and campaign by Invisible Children that aims to make Joseph Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice.

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Be apart of the Revolution

Support International Peace

Police officials do the most to these 65 People

Photo Credit: Billboard

In this province in Indonesia (Aceh Province) they feel that listening to rock is going down the wrong moral path and a threat to Islamic values.

So they felt it was right to shave their head’s, have them bathe in muddy pools, destroy there clothing and keep them detained for 10 days as a way to “eliminate the threat”.

One man said “We didn’t hurt anyone. This is how we’ve chosen to express ourselves. Why are they treating us like criminals?”

Yeah I think they did a bit much.

Source: LA Times Article

Protect Our Mother


Oil Spill in Russia

We were put here for a reason and this is what we do.

Now people are concerned about the devastation that oil spills cause (not to mention the United States own oil spill in the Gulf; “the BP incident”) .

We Need To protect our Mother

Click the pic for the NPR article “Russia Oil Spills Wreak Devastation”

Sushil Kumar wins “Who Want’s To Be A Millionaire” in India

A few days prior to attending the game show Sushil Kumar was making $120 a week as a government clerk. He tutored students to keep his mind sharp but besides his knowledge and love he lived off of the minimum.

Now he is the first person to win the 50 million rupee’s reward.

After winning Sushil said that he will

buy a bigger home for his family, give his brother some cash to start a small business and will use some of the money to pay for a course to prepare him to take India’s civil service exam, which could provide him a secure job.

And just as he was a child who dreamed of access to books to fuel his fervid desire for knowledge, he plans to build a library in Motihari so other children have access to the books and resources he never had.

(Quoted by the Associated Press)

But that seems like the right thing to do with your first million…

Source: ABC News

Beauty 20 Years in the Making

In 1993, when the Miss World Pageant was at a viewing peak, China decided that they did not want to objectify their woman the same way that the rest of the world did. The woman of Peking University rejected the pageant thus China strayed away from the event.

But it wasn’t just the Miss World Pageant, China stopped supporting pageants all together.

It wasn’t until 2002 that they entered Zhuo Ling into the Miss Universe show, and not until this year that they allowed the show to become a cultural point.

It’s great that China can now show their beautiful women to the world.

Source: CNN

7.2 Earthquake hits East Turkey

Sunday October 24th an earthquake devastated the country of Turkey. With the death toll being increased to 217 people are left stuck without knowing who to look to or what to do. The quake caused about 80 buildings to collapse with many of them still having people trapped inside. Rescue Crews worked through the night to find any survivors that they could in the rubble and set up an area for people who need help.

They need our prayers, so please don’t be selfish.

Source: Washington Post

Thailand continues to fight the Floods

For the past few months Thailand has been having to deal with monsoon-like rains and recently have began to take a toll on the country as a whole.

Since the rain started over 350 people have died, homes have been ruined and 9 million people’s lives have been altered. Now that the rains have slowed down a little they have another serious problem to deal with. The flood waters are rising and the people have no where to go. The Thai government told the people to gather in the capital (Bangkok) but now that the flood waters continue to rise, it is beginning to inch towards the capital.

The country continues to try and drain the water out as quickly as possible but it something needs to give soon.

Send your love and prayers to those suffering in Thailand.

…and to everyone else suffering around the world (they would want you to).


Source: AFP