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@JusNice – Work


Just like moving that pack. Work. Shouts to my bitches.



A word of advice bro. How bout you?


Talk Heavy

“Them bitches be nothing to us.” “Talk Heavy” nigga.

All In A Day

This track bumps. Hit that play bruh bruh.

Franc Grams

Like A Tattoo


“Sometimes we conceal parts of us, no matter what isn’t visible to those we come across, it doesn’t change what is actually there Like A Tattoo! In this installment of#FrancGramsFridays, Franc Grams goes transparent in what seems to be a very open conversation with a lady in his life.”


Marc Decoca Feat. Ralph French

Johnny Blast Off



The homie Marc Decoca went off on this one. The Kill Bill sample on the beat was impeccable. All around dope track..


Nazdaq Brixx Feat. Denzil Porter

Live It Up



Click! for the Tape


Just in time for the summer. Nazdaq Brixx and Denzil Porter release some good vibes for everyone to ride around to. Respect the Hustle.

Check out Nazdaq Brixx mixtape From The Bronx To Wall Street 3

@DustyMcFly41 – “0-100”


Bars bruh. Shouts to Dusty McFly on this one. Homie did his thing.


Believe Me

Homie went off. Something new from that boy Al-Fatir. This track is dope. “Believe Me”




Allan, BD, Kay Boogz and Benjamin Barz link up for the first release off the upcoming project. The different talents link together to form a conglomerate of lyrical flows along with unique styles to create a “Captivating” feature. Check em out and let us know what you think..


On The Way

#TFSCertfied #Biatch