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May 19th



Happy May19th. ALLAN releases his first project featuring a compilation of new and OLD work. This project features features from B.D. of GTBK, C-Flo, Jace of Two-9 and Scotty Dividends. Check out the FREE work and make sure you stay tuned for all Future Updates. Click the Pic! for the Download. #TrueFreedom Bitch.



Michael Jordan’s Airwaves 1989

This is so rare I have to put a Lil B video at the end of this post. Thats just a heads up though. Below is a very rare and very old video of Jordan. Respect history and hit that play button.

Michael Jordan’s Airwaves was a tv show that aired locally on WLS-TV in the Chicago area in 1989. Local sports TV guy Jim Rose interviewed Michael Jordan in an “Oprah-style” setup, and even tapped into the audience for some one-on-one questions. This footage is the property of Chicago station WLS-TV.


King Of Long Island

Nike x Pro Skills wants to know who’s king. Not only that but they want to give the king 3 stacks. You can’t go wrong with an offer like that (if your nice). But I guess we’ll find out. Registration is tomorrow. Check the flyers for details. Solomon Reese did his thing with the graphic designs.


Jeremy Lin and Fuse TV


To add to the Linsanity Jeremy Lin gets a minute with Fuse where he speaks about the music he listens to

Which happens to be Christian Rap

Shout Him Out..

Check out the Lakers highlights


SuperBowl XLVI MVP

New York Giants – 21

New England Patriots– 17

They Pull Out The Final Upset Of The Season

And It Got Them The Super Bowl Championship

They Are The Better Team

A Great/Monumental Game

Both Teams Played Hard and Had Great Seasons

Eli is A Future Hall Of Fame Member

Not To Mention a Phenomenal Halftime Show

Madonna’s performance involved LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, MIA and Cee Lo Green

NFL Conference Championship Scores

Giants Make There Way To The SuperBowl

New York Giants– 20

San Francisco 49ers– 17

The Giants Take Care Of Business 

New England Patriots– 23

Baltimore Ravens– 20

Baltimore couldn’t do it

Super Bowl XLVI

Brady Gets A SuperBowl XLII Rematch

New York Giants VS. New England Patriots

Thee Rematch

Back in 2007 The Giants ended a Patriots (near) perfect season

Let’s See If The Giants Can Pull It Off Again

NFL Divisional Playoff Scores

Gronkowski had 3 TD's

New England Patriots– 45

Denver Broncos– 10

Lets see what Denver can do with an offseason

San Francisco 49ers– 36

New Orleans Saints– 32

It went down to the wire but San Francisco brought it home

Baltimore Ravens– 20

Houston Texans– 13

A Heartbreaker for Houston

New York Giants– 37

Green Bay Packers– 20

The Giants pull Off The Upset Again.

AFC Championship:

Baltimore Ravens VS. New England Patriots

The Ravens have there work cut out for them

NFC Championship:

New York Giants VS. San Francisco 49ers

Let’s see if the Giants can do it again

NFL Wild Card Scores

Tebow Finished with 316 Yards 2 Passing TD and 1 Rushing

Houston Texans– 31

Cincinnati Benglas– 10

Houston Shows Who The Better Team Was

New Orleans Saints– 45

Detroit Lions– 28

🙂 Picked Apart

New York Giants– 24

Atlanta Falcons– 2

New York Standing Strong

Denver Broncos– 29

Pittsburgh Steelers– 23

OT Win with the Tebow Passing TD


New Orleans Saints VS. San Fransisco 49ers

Will The Drew Brees Show Continue In San Fran?

Denver Broncos VS. New England Patriots

Thee Rematch

Houston Texans VS. Baltimore Ravens

Will Houston Be able to Maintain against the Powerhouse Baltimore Defense

New York Giants VS. Green Bay Packers

Will New York Be Able To Pull Off Another Upset?


NFL Week 17 Scores

And That's The Season

Miami Dolphins– 19

New York Jets– 17

That’s all folks

New England Patriots– 49

Buffalo Bills– 21

Patriots putting the Bills back in Check

Tennessee Titans– 23

Houston Texans– 22

Texans end the game with a (failed) Madden Decision

Jacksonville Jaguars– 19

Indianapolis Colts– 13

Will the Colts take Andrew Luck?

Philadelphia Eagles– 34

Washington Redskins– 10

With the offseason the Eagles might be able to make something happen

Chicago Bears– 17

Minnesota Vikings– 13

Vikings got a lot of work to do

New Orleans Saints– 45

Carolina Panthers– 17

Brees breaks records for fun

San Francisco 49ers– 34

St. Louis Rams– 27

San Francisco gets the round 1 bye

Green Bay Packers– 45

Detroit Lions– 41

And that’s with the backup QB Matt Flynn starting breaking the Franchise Record for most Passing TD’s in a game

Baltimore Ravens– 24

Cincinnati Bengals– 16

Bengals still make the Wild Card

Pittsburgh Steelers– 13

Cleveland Browns– 9

Let’s hope the injuries don’t effect the Steelers playoff play

Kansas City Chiefs– 7

Denver Broncos– 3

Not 1 TD Denver come on

Arizona Cardnials– 23

Seattle Seahawks– 20

After starting the season 1-6 Arizona finishes 8-8

San Diego Chargers– 38

Oakland Raiders– 26

San Diego eliminates Oakland’s playoff hopes

Atlanta Falcons– 45

Tampa Bay Buccaneers– 24

I remember when Tampa Bay had one of the best defenses

New York Giants– 31

Dallas Cowboys– 14

Eli played through a crazy swollen hand..Yay Giants are in the playoffs..

*Next week are the Wild Card Games

Cincinnati Bengals VS. Houston Texans

Pittsburgh Steelers VS. Denver Broncos

Detroit Lions VS. New Orleans Saints

Atlanta Falcons VS. New York Giants 


@NFL Week 16 Scores

NFL Week 16 Scores

That's 2!

Indianapolis Colts– 19

Houston Texans– 16

Colts don’t finish abysmally 

Buffalo Bills– 40

Denver Broncos– 14

Is this saying something or does the Broncos defense need to step up

New England Patriots– 27

Miami Dolphins– 24

Almost Miami almost

Baltimore Ravens– 20

Cleveland Browns– 14

Baltimore holds strong

Oakland Raiders– 16

Kansas City Chiefs– 13

(Barring the Delay Of Game Penalty) Oakland had scored a touchdown on Fake Field Goal play

Minnesota Vikings– 33

Washington Redskins– 26

Short there primary quarterback and starting running back Vikings still get the win

Cincinnati Bengals– 23

Arizona Cardinals– 16

Bengals Still out here

Pittsburgh Steelers– 27

St. Louis Rams– 0

Whats the Rams excuse this year?

Carolina Panthers -48

Tampa Buccaneers– 16

Carolina can do big big things

New York Giants– 29

New York Jets– 14

Yeah Yeah, they both have the same record so what you say about one say about the other

Tennessee Titans– 23

Jacksonville Jaguars– 17

Sad that even with a win next week and a record of 9-7 Tennessee won’t make the playoffs

Detroit Lions– 38

San Diego Chargers– 10

Lions clinch playoff berth

Philadelphia Eagles– 20

Dallas Cowboys– 7

The Giants kicked Philly out the playoffs

San Francisco 49ers– 19

Seattle Seahawks– 17

Field Goals are making teams playoff caliber, full football, gotta play all 4 quarters for the full 60 minutes

Green Bay Packers– 35

Chicago Bears– 21


New Orleans Saints– 45

Atlanta Falcons-16

PICKED APART; Drew Brees broke Dan Marino’s record for passing yards in a season