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EASTWEST X Milkcrate Athletics are proud to present you BUN B x Aaron Lacrate live in-store at the WESTBURY location Saturday August 18th from 8-10pm. This is your chance to meet and greet the legendary MC and watch him perform his newest track “TURN IT UP”. Their will be a special guest performance by Bryant Dope who makes some dope music as well. Come early to cop the Exclusive EASTWEST x Milkcrate x Bun B apparel. Its going down something like this

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Bun B or Jordan GMP?

It doesn’t get more official than this. Complex, Milkcrate Athletics and East West are giving you a chance to meet rap legend Bun B during a private in-store event on Long Island or win the Jordan Gold Medal Pack.


The tees are made by Nick Every and will be available in store. Click the flyer and complete a few simple tasks for your chance to win.



Nemo Hoes and Paris Chop it up Before She Drinks a 40


On this episode of GGN Nemo Hoes and Paris Hilton talk some real shit about growing up in the celebrity world

They also do some gift sharing

And then Paris hits her first 40..

Please Bare With Us As We Take Our Steps…New Life On The Way

Live TrueFreedom

The TFSociety Chops It Up With Tatiana Ilia



In our journey we have came across many different talents. With this beautiful young lady we’ve came across a talent with a will to change, and unselfish motives. Tatiana Ilia has been designing unique costume jewelry (Ilia by Tatiana Ilia) for about a year now and we f*ck with her movement. It is one with style and class. On Sunday June 17th we chopped it up in the Witches Brew and heres what we found out…

Q: What to do you do?

A: I make costume jewelry for my line Ilia by Tatiana Ilia.

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Q: What inspires you?

A: I’ve always had a love for costume jewelry and fashion. But more importantly I’ve had an interest in philanthropy and giving back to other countries and sometime in the near future I would like to intertwine my line with many philanthropic ventures.

Q: What Is philanthropy?

A: Philanthropy is giving back to others in different areas, communities, countries or states in any which way that you can. Whether it’s providing food, shelter, money, or moral support.


Q: How do you plan on intertwining your line with philanthropy?

A: I plan on intertwining my line with philanthropy by going to Haiti which is my land of origin, and creating a factory so that women can work to create a means of income for themselves. The factory will also serve as a safe house to provide those women with somewhere to stay and life coaches.

Q: What kind of music are you listening to right now?

A: I listen to everything from rap to r&b to indie. I don’t discriminate with music.
Q: Do you feel that music and fashion coincide?

A: I think they do coincide with each other because music has the power of changing your mood, how you feel, what your thinking and your creative views.

Q: Who’s your favorite artist right now?

A: I can’t say that I have a favorite artist in particular but on artist that has a great influence on me is Jay-Z because I admire his ambition, his progression, his perseverance, and business ventures. He is the opitamy of rags to riches because he has risen up from his adversities and made a positive impact on his life and many lives.

Q: What is style?

A: Style is individuality. Making what you wear your own.


Q: Do you feel style is important to Society (why)?

A: I don’t think that style is important to structuring a society but it is important in regards to expressing yourself as an individual.

Q: If there is one thing you could do at this very moment what would it be?

A: Go to Haiti and learn more about the culture and the people because I haven’t gone there since I was a little girl. And I feel like when I was younger I took everything that I saw over there for granted and now that I am older I would be able to embrace the culture and people of Haiti more.

Q: Whats the next step for your brand?

A: The next step for my brand is to make it known within the United States.

Q: How would you like to change the world?

A: I would like to change the world by ending discrimination and trying to get people to be grateful for the life they have been given and to live their life with a positive purpose so that they could impact others around them.


Q: How do you feel about the Basedgod?

A: Your talking about Lil B? I don’t much about him, I’m sorry.


I Am Other


Brought to you by Pharrell Williams, i am OTHER is a new channel and cultural movement dedicated to Thinkers, Innovators and Outcasts—in short, OTHERS. Our programs explore the pursuit of individuality, the defiance of expectations, and the arrival of a new class of visionaries. Be one of us. Be OTHER.

Lil B “The BasedGod” Lecture At NYU


Obviously there’s something epic behind this movement

Positivity triumphs over all

This is a rare honor that was bestowed upon Lil B

Influence the masses

Here’s The Videos

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Invisible Children

KONY 2012

Joseph Kony

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KONY 2012 is a film and campaign by Invisible Children that aims to make Joseph Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice.

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Be apart of the Revolution

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Frank Twitchy and His Grandma Dancing To Rack City


Ahh man this gave me a good laugh

Grandma was cookin to..