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May 19th



Happy May19th. ALLAN releases his first project featuring a compilation of new and OLD work. This project features features from B.D. of GTBK, C-Flo, Jace of Two-9 and Scotty Dividends. Check out the FREE work and make sure you stay tuned for all Future Updates. Click the Pic! for the Download. #TrueFreedom Bitch.



TheTFSociety x Big Beard Mafia






theTFSociety came with the Pack and Mr. Spud finessed it to its finest. ALLAN gets the Spud Mack treatment for a very well put together piece. Be on the lookout for more Product coming soon.



Free Download On SoundCloud



Telescope +

These visuals are amazing. Take you a trip. Roll one, pour you up some, pop you one. Do whatever it is you do and hit that play. Telescope is my favorite.



Tr$ll Fr$$dom


Glitches fixed. Pardon the delay.

The Mixtape in its entirety (Welcome 2 Amerika is only available on the Hard Copy)

Peep The Fly Shit..

For download click the “download” button under each individual track or follow Soundcloud link in the top corner.




Allan, BD, Kay Boogz and Benjamin Barz link up for the first release off the upcoming project. The different talents link together to form a conglomerate of lyrical flows along with unique styles to create a “Captivating” feature. Check em out and let us know what you think..


On The Way

#TFSCertfied #Biatch


Check out these live a*s young ni*gas bruh. The Gu$to League does the damn thing. Below is some live footage of them at Revolutions in Amityville. Definitely a dope team and definitely some cool footage. Shouts to the League man. Hit that play button.

February 20th 2013 performance at REVOLUTIONS in Amityville, NY . Hosted by ILL$TREET MU$IC GROUP .

Tuki Carter x Montreality

Tuki is a funny dude man. Shouts to him and the whole Taylor Gang. You know Montreality keeps it official. Hit that play button. Dope interview.

In this Interview with Montreality, Tuki Carter from Taylor Gang speaks about:

– The type of student he was at school 
– Jobs he had as a teenager growing up 
– What he spent his 1st big paycheck on
– Whether or not he likes reading books
– What he would call his book, if we were to write one 
– The key to success
– What he thinks he were in a previous lifetime 
– His favorite cartoon character
– His favorite videogame 
– The worst injury he’s ever had
– His tattoos
– Celebrities he has tattooed
– His fetish
– His last meal of choice 
– An artist he would like to work with
– His legacy

The Urban Authority across Canada.

Julian G</a>/1101172458/jg2.jpg

Not too long ago we put you on to a producer by the name of Julian G. He makes some official instrumentals and recently he sent us a visual of the process. In the video below you can get a good take on what the process is and how his beats sound. If you dig it hit him with any inquiries.

Making a Instrumental with Julian G
Visit for more beats.


Too Short In Oakland

This video is super dope. Its been a minute since I’ve seen someone get behind the camera for cinematography on this type of level. Jason Goldwatch links up with Too $hort to capture the Bay. Hit that play button. And look under the video for more “Time Pieces”.

Too Short is like the mayor of Oakland. I wanted to create something that really felt like the Bay, and not in the stereotypical pimp shit kinda way. Short volunteers at a youth center in East Oakland called Youth Uprising. I headed over to his crib around noon and we went and bought a boom box, and did it for the kids at Youth Uprising, playing tracks off an iPod mini. He’s a true OG and a sentient being of wonderful pimp light.

Episode 1: “Time Pieces” Pharrell and Karolina Kurkova in Brazil
Episode 2: “Time Pieces” Jay Electronica in Nepal


@MikeWiLLMadeIt x @Two9

Two-9 x Mike Will In The Studio

Man shout out to them Two-9 ni*gas they be doing their thing for real. And you know what Mike Will do. Looks like it’s some big things in the future.

Watch as Two 9 stops by 3 Little Digs Headquarters to work in the studio with none other than Mike Will Made It.