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Lil Wayne sings Drake’s “Shot For Me”


Lol these ni*gas be foolin’

Some real bro sh*t

Wayne shows Drake his appreciation of his song “Shot For Me” and sings it in Africa.


Here’s some music I recently came across from a Blitz The Ambassador. He spits real music over a live band. Something about a live band adds so much more to the feel of music, and those that can actually add to the life of the live band have a special quality in there music. This song definitely adds to the life of the music. Blitz and John Forte made a great song.

Here’s some of his newer music of his album Native Sun

In this song Blitz goes to his African roots and speaks on many of the issues in today’s society.

Check it out.

Best I Can Feat. Corneille

Droughts Worldwide

A Drought in Texas-“its not the end of the world” (Texas Drought)

A Drought in Somalia- “They buried 12 (kids) the day I visited” (East Africa Famine)

Click image for more photos. (Reuters/Thomas Mukoya)

Something has to change, no matter how you look at it.

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