Nike Air Foamposite One Galaxy


Alright man its almost time. But lets deal with the original. The pennys. 1997 Nike Air Foamposite One Dark Neon Royal. Innovative and dope as a moth*rfu*ker. The kicks are made of a piece of molded polyurethane and will conform to your foot the more you wear them. That means your footwear won’t lose shape or stretch out and for ni*gas who wear their kicks extreme comfort.

But I but I guesse when they said the world would end in 2012 they actually meant the sneakers are going to be f*cking rediculous.

Now we all know that these are one of the most anticipated sneakers of the year. But they gotta be spoken on. They will be realeasing on the 24th and will retail at $220. They feature an Obsidian/Anthracite-Black colorway with depiction of space surrounding the sneaker. And they glow in the f*cking dark. Perfect sneaker? I’m coppin. I pray.