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Manny McPlanes

Spring Sessions

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Manny McPlanes is a 21 year old producer from NY, Long Island, originally started making beats a year ago, Manny keeps improving and showing the world that he’s determined to make it.
” SPRING SESSIONS ” is Manny McPlanes 2nd Beat Tape, Manny shows the world that he is versatile making trap, club and trippy type beats. Manny tries to keep it original and not use too many samples. as he continues to grow and progress Manny shows us that he’s determined to make it.
TWITTER : @MannyMcPlanes
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SOUNDCLOUD : Manny McPlanes
YOUTUBE : MannyMcPlanes
INSTAGRAM : mannymcplanes
Manny does his thing with these 7 beats
Someone to definitely look out for
Support the talent and get some fire
Spring Sessions:



Julian G</a>/1101172458/jg2.jpg

Not too long ago we put you on to a producer by the name of Julian G. He makes some official instrumentals and recently he sent us a visual of the process. In the video below you can get a good take on what the process is and how his beats sound. If you dig it hit him with any inquiries.

Making a Instrumental with Julian G
Visit for more beats.


Clams Casino

Instrumental 2

Download “Instrumental 2”

Clams Casino puts together a compilation of his recent hits and some extras

As you know Clams Casino is one of the dopest producers of today

So if you spit these are definitely some beats worth brushing your skills up on..



Chuck Inglish


Download "Wrking."

Chuck (Producer and 1/2 of the Cool Kids) provides up and coming rappers looking for some dope beats to spit over just that.

If you tryna improve your flow and work some more you might as well get Wrking.

Definitely Worthy


Click! The Artwork


He did this beat..