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Savagery On Demand

Yo I fucks with my nigga Hill Will bruh. Let this sh*t slap. “Savagery On Demand.”

“Sometimes I like to exercise my lyrical ability and metaphorical wittiness. Me and my boys call it stylin’. No subject matter on this one, just flow. I got the juice now. Just listen to some could production laced by PHRED DIAMOND.”

This sh*t is hard.



Icing on the Cake

“Girls , women and yung ladies. I don’t know I might die a bachelor.
The passcode to them panties get completed to crack at times.”

Hill Will back out here with a dope new track. This ones called “Icing On The CakeĀ [FLYING LOTUS REMIX!]”. Hill Will always does his thing. Give him a good listen below and follow the youtube link for the download.


Clean Riders – @phredDIAMOND

Clean Riders


Heres some new heat from Phred Diamond. This ones called “Clean Riders (Flying Lotus Remix”.

“Everybody loves that new car smell. That feelin’ that you get when
you Ridin’ Clean is like no other, even a clean hooptie passes as
Ridin’ Clean LoL. Burn this one to a CD, throw it in the deck and turn
it up loud. Much thanks to FLYING LOTUS for the inspiration.”

Hit that artwork for download. Stream below.

Phred Diamond



Recently I was put on to a hip-hop group out the DMV called Phred (people-hardly-remember-everyone-dead) Diamond. The members are Knox Diamond, Hill Will, Mani, Profit Tusane and Sandman. Below is their tape NOWALATERS and honestly I fu*ks with it. Their sound is different from a lot that I’ve heard but it’s defenintly a sound I could rock with. I think it would be a good idea to hit that artwork and check it out. Tracklist and videos below.

Songs with videos below are in red


2. Life-Size

3. Pop Them Thangs

4. Once Again

5. Power Up

6. Protect Your Dreams NOW [Intermission]

7. Flying Time [Knox]

8. Unconventional [Mani]

9. LIFE2K10 [Hill Will]

10. Save The Drama (HOME2)

11. Talkin’ to a Goods

12. I Missed You [Aaliyah Tribute 1] RIP TREY

13. Out Of Bounds (feat. Profit)

14. Irish Spring

15. Ms. Diamond

16. Do It B.I.G

17. Phred Diamond Boyz

18. Workers & Trappers

19. Outro [NOWALATERS]

Once Again

LIFE2K10 [Hill Will]

Save The Drama (HOME2)

Be on the lookout for their upcoming project No Wasted Bars