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Tr$ll Fr$$dom


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The Mixtape in its entirety (Welcome 2 Amerika is only available on the Hard Copy)

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Tony Williams Shows Us A Special Look Behind The Making Of Graduation


As Tony Williams gears up to drop his debut album King or The Fool (February 14), he continues to show the process that he’s been lucky enough to be apart of

In this episode Tony Williams gives a behind the scenes look into the making of Graduation. Including Dwele preparing her part for “Flashing Lights” and Jay-Z hearing “Big Brother” for the first time.

There’s also a quick cameo of a young Big Sean

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Here’s Episode 3 (Late Registration)..

Watch Some Graduation Videos Here

Kanye West Graduation Videos

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Man sometimes it’s just great to look at where these artist came from…

TF decides to remind you of some of the greatest videos of a time

Good Morning

Good Life” Feat. T-Pain

Stronger” (Daft Punk Sample)


Flashing Lights” Feat. Dwele