After reading this last article on Jay-Z speaking on Watch The Throne my outlook on the album has brightened. Though my opinion remains the same on the album, the effect it has had and is still having is undeniable. The genius combined together to make this album just continues to amaze. Jay-Z called into a Miami radio station to explain the meaning of the title “Watch the Throne”. He explained that the title goes past hip-hop and delves into the music culture. He refers to how once upon a time rock and roll had the throne but then hip-hop swopped in and overthrew it. The Watch the Throne title is to alert rappers to do just that watch the throne and be sure that we always hold it. It explains the reasoning behind there elaborate marketing that will probably allow the album to hold the top spot for about 3-4 weeks. The Watch The Throne extravaganza is very entertaining to watch and for our generation to be in the middle of this milestone in music is great in itself.

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