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May 19th



Happy May19th. ALLAN releases his first project featuring a compilation of new and OLD work. This project features features from B.D. of GTBK, C-Flo, Jace of Two-9 and Scotty Dividends. Check out the FREE work and make sure you stay tuned for all Future Updates. Click the Pic! for the Download. #TrueFreedom Bitch.



Rap, Trap, Act Too

“Hustle, consistency and talent is all you need. The gift a gab with a little education too can get you even further. We all want to be successful but we all aren’t going to. Stay positive, be you and want you want to be.”

Ay man. I know trill sh*t when I hear it. This track is hard. You might as well start the download before you even hit that play.


Power Of The P

Hill Will back out here with a dope new track. This ones over some Chuck Inglish instrumentals and is definitely a smooth cut. You already know, hit that artwork for the download and stream.

“Girls, what would we do without them? Their looks, their smell, their
hair everything about them makes a man go nuts about them. Please just
don’t fall victim to that powerful thing between their legs. This song
is an ode to those who fall victim to it.”


Icing on the Cake

“Girls , women and yung ladies. I don’t know I might die a bachelor.
The passcode to them panties get completed to crack at times.”

Hill Will back out here with a dope new track. This ones called “Icing On The Cake [FLYING LOTUS REMIX!]”. Hill Will always does his thing. Give him a good listen below and follow the youtube link for the download.


Sucka Free

“Every time I visit my homie in prison he tells me to stay sucka free.
Even when I’m out there in the field I keep it trill. Come join the

Hill Will’s music just gets more and more epic. The production on this track is ridiculous and Hill Will mirked the beat. The beat is produced by Jru and the name of the track is “Sucka Free”. And if thats what your trying to stay this one is a must listen. Check it out below.

Click that down arrow for the download.


Like Rayful In His Star Days [Disc 1]


“The making of my first solo mixtape was a great experience. I’m only
getting better if you can feel it and hear the star potential; stay
tuned it more to come. Dream on people.” – HiLL WiLL

Hill Will hits us with his first solo mixtape Like Rayful In His Star Days. The project is dope and so is the artwork, click it for the download.



Black Evolution

“The title says it all. It’s straight to the point. You must listen to
understand the experience. Me and my lil brother wrote this during
Black History month. Enjoy.”

Hill Will stay puttin down that #DopeSh*t. Below is a J Hunt produced track he wrote with his brother during Black History Month called “Black Evolution”. This dude has a lot of knowledge and you know how The TF feels about that. Get you some below. And be on the look out for the mixtape, you know we’ll have it.


Think Sometime


“They always told me to think before making a move but sometimes life
moves too fast. This song just made me think about what I wrote for it
after its completion. My hand was just moving and I didn’t really
notice what I had until I recorded it and listened closely. Also thats
my little brother on the song, his rap debut.”

Hill Will hits us with some dope advice, “Think sometime”. The track is smooth and his little brother did his f*cking thing. Yall should definitely hit that arrow for the download.


 Extra Point


“Swishes, And-1’s and Second Chance points is something I’m accustom
to. This song hit me like a game winnning buzzer beater. Just a lil
something for everybody to do some sort of swaggin to.”

You already know what time it is. Hill Will back out here with a sick new track. The track is produced by Phred Diamond and is amazing. You already know Hill Will go off. Yall should download this one. Hit the artwork for the download. Stream below.


And He Vents


“I don’t why I’m such a good space in my life right now but leaveing
it all on the track is what I know how to do best. Just doing some
venting, follow me to my world, once in you may not be able to leave”

Hill Will back with some more real sh*t with his Prhed Diamond produced track “And He Vents”. Hill Will always does his thing and for real yall should listen. Dude has a lot to say. Give it a good listen below.

Hit the down arrow for the download