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The Coldest Winter Ever


Jordan Te’Sean hits us with his new mix The Coldest Winter Ever. Dude always does his thing and this time is no different. Hit that play button for the download and let us know what you think.



Michael Jordan’s Airwaves 1989

This is so rare I have to put a Lil B video at the end of this post. Thats just a heads up though. Below is a very rare and very old video of Jordan. Respect history and hit that play button.

Michael Jordan’s Airwaves was a tv show that aired locally on WLS-TV in the Chicago area in 1989. Local sports TV guy Jim Rose interviewed Michael Jordan in an “Oprah-style” setup, and even tapped into the audience for some one-on-one questions. This footage is the property of Chicago station WLS-TV.


The Truth

With all the hype in the game I’m sure everybody and their mothers know that the Olympic 6s just dropped yesterday. But in the midst of  lines full of sneaker collectors and sneaker hungry resellers let me tell you what you don’t know.

Jordan never played in the Olympic 6. They were made for Ray Allen as player exclusives.

Jordan played in Barcelona 7s, what we know today as the Olympic 7.


That just goes to show that you have to know your history. This game is living breathing history and that knowledge is what separates the true sneakerheads from the sneakerfiends. You already know how we keep it over here.


Jordan 12 “Obsidian”


12s are definitely one of my favorite Jays. We already gave you the history here but EastWest’s blog keeps us update with the next pair to come. Check out their info under the pic.

Air Jordan 12 "Obsidian" Official Images: Image #53201

With all the hype in the game right now it’s hard to keep up with whats actually important. So were here to make sure you don’t miss whats worthy. Now we all know not every retro is really made up to actual Jordan quality standards but some do get done justice. The 12s have been having a good year with the recent release of the Playoffs and Cool Greys. June 23 Jordan Brand will be releasing the Obsidian 12s and from the look of the last two releases we should be left with a good quality sneaker in a sought after colorway. Don’t sleep. Details below.

Release Date: June 23, 2012
Style #: 130690-410
Color: Obsidian/White-French Blue-University Blue
Price: $160


Air Jordan XIV


Another dope jordan release on the way so you know what that means. Time to get historical. This time we talking 1998. October 31st 1998 the Air Jordan XIV was released with a retail price of $150 and looked a little something like this.

Air Jordan 14 (XIV) Original (OG) - White / Black - Varsity Red

The design of the kicks were inspired by Michael’s Ferrari 550 M

and was made by Tinker Hatfield and Mark Smith. They were the first Jays to feature metal aglets (the plastic tip at the end of your lace) and to feature Jumpman logos that add up to the designs number. Each shoe features 7 Jumpmen.

But now for the release


March 10 2012 Jordan Brand will be releasing the Air Jordan 14 White/Sport Red-Black and they will retail at $160. Definitely one of the doper colorways and 14s are a great pair of footwear in general. Hopefully this will be the last time we see these release for a good amount of time so you might want to grab them while you can. I know I’m going for em.

Don’t forget to click those pics bruh.

Jordan 7 History


It’s a few sevens on the plate for this year so its looking like its history time.

The Air Jordan VII was first released in 1991 and was just as game changing as some jays can be. They were designed by Tinker Hatfield featuring Huarache technology, used to aid in helping the shoe stick to your foot, and the first neoprene sockliner. These features not only add to the comfort of the shoe but they make for a lightweight pair of kicks. The sevens are definitely one of my favorite jays and this years releases look pretty dope.

Be on the lookout for the updates.

UNC Spizike


Im sure the sneakerhead community is more than aware of the hype surrounding the Galaxy Foams. But before we get to that lets deal with another release on the same day

For those of you who may not know the UNC Spizikes will be releasing Febuary 24th and will retail at $175. The Spizikes were created to commemorate the “Mars Blackmon” era. Mars was a character played by Spike Lee in Jordan’s old commercials. The kicks are a mash of six different Jays. They consist of the IIIs midsole, the IVs wings, the Vs upper, the VIs tongue, the IX pull tab and the XX laser on the inner liner. The kicks are definitely amazing and will be worthy for the collection.

White Cement 4


Before we get to the release lets take a trip to the past real quick. 1989. The original Air Jordan IV White Cement White/Black ( White Cement 4s were realesed).

They retailed at $110 and were dope and still are. They were retroed in 1999 and luckily for us sneakerheads they are on the way once again.

Now for the release. Febuary 18th 2012 the fours will be re-retroed and will retail at $160.

Comparable to the OGs the black speckles are less prominent and less potent but the kicks are still tight. The grey is a little deeper as well but other than that these kicks are on the money. With a little bit of age and careful wear these will be an asset to anyones sneaker collection.

The Game – @theTFSociety

The Game


If theres one thing you can take to the heart from the TFSociety it is that everything is deeper than its face value. Now being that that goes for everything and being that it is 2012 its about time we begin to keep you informed on a subject we hold dear to our hearts. The sneaker game.

Now as a true sneakerhead should know, its deeper than a game, its a culture (click for true definition). With that being said before I even delve into the depth of this ocean I have to describe the difference between a sneakerhead and a sneakerfiend. A sneakerhead knows the history. A sneakerhead has a true passion for the culture and isn’t truely worried about whats hot (the hype). A sneakerfiend may have little to no knowledge on the history of the culture but will still be hype about the hype (hypebeast (click for true definititon)). Now as a true sneakerhead myself I appreciate the sneakerfiend, as should all sneakerheads. The sneakerfiend adds a mainstream breath to the culture. The sneakerfiend makes it even more honorable to be a sneakerhead. With that being said we are here for everyone sneakerheads and sneakerfiends alike.

But…Before we even begin to keep you updated with the latest sneaker news and releases we have to give you a history lesson.

Sneakers have been around for about 180 years. It all began when a man by the name of Wait Webster of NEW YORK decided to attach rubber soles to shoe and boot uppers in 1832. They were the first athletic shoes. The soles were so quiet they were adopted by burgalrs who used them for “sneaking” earning them the name sneakers.

The first rubber soled canvas shoe was manufactured in 1868. It was called a “croquet scandal” as the rich used to take them to their beach pavilions or the club for a quite game of tennis. At this time they were listed in The Peck and Snyder Sporting Goods Catalog for about 6$ (mad money).

By 1873 sneakers no longer “sneaked” as ads revealed them as sneakers and in 1897 Sears  offered them at around $.60 (60 cents, less money).

Now lets skip a couple of years to the game changer.

Early in 1984, Nike was a struggling shoe company. Their sales were dying and they needed a new breath of life. At the same time, rookie player Michael Jordan was already endorsing several products, but Nike hoped that his appeal would generate sales. Jordan had always preferred Adidas or the Converse shoes endorsed by North Carolina Coach, Dean Smith, and hoped to sign with either company. Converse was not interested in offering a better deal than Nike and Adidas wasn’t interested at all at the time. While Jordan did not see the significance of Nike’s offer at first his agent David Falk saw amazing opportunity in Nike’s offer to create a new line of shoes called “Air Jordans” and urged him to give Nike a chance.

At that time there was not a tremendous impact from a shoe endorsement. Few companies were willing to risk so much of their marketing budget to bet on one athlete to promote their products. But Nike saw something special in Michael Jordan. They saw opportunity. He was a champion. With a great deal of persuasion from his manager and parents Jordan agreed to fly to the Nike headquarters in Portland, Oregon to view a special video presentation and proposal.

The video presentation featured slow-motion clips of Jordan’s college career and some of his high-flying Olympic moves with a background of then hit music “Jump” by the Pointer Sisters. Nike Head Designer, Peter Moore presented sketches of AJ1 shoes, jumpsuits, and sports apparel, all in black and red. Michael’s remarks upon seeing the designs were less than enthusiastic. He is reported to have said,

“I can’t wear that shoes, those are Devil colors”

Throughout the entire meeting Jordan was reported to seem uninterested but as he and Falk left the meeting Jordan said to his agent “Let’s make the deal.”

The Air Jordan legacy was given first breath. Nike signed Jordan to a $2.5 million deal for 5 years, plus royalties and other fringe benefits. Peter Moore created the first AJ Logo.

The introduction of the Air Jordan I (check the feet)

turned the athletic shoe industry . Before the ones most basketball shoes were white, but the bold black and red styling of the sneaker stirred the controversy. The NBA banned the shoe from the league but Jordan wore them anyway.  This led to fines of up to $5000 a game but Nike was more than happy to pay these to keep the shoes in the publics eye. With all this controversy and Jordan’s spectacular numbers Air Jordans were on the road to becoming a household name.

And it began. The culture we are all subjected to today began here. Now the culture has a vast array of these collectors items from Jordans , to Nike Sbs, to Lebrons, to Foamposites, Kobes, Barkleys, Griffeys, the list just doesn’t stop.

From here on in The TFSociety will keep you updated on everything you need to know. Just go to the sneakers tab at the top of the site for all sneaker information.

And if you think theres something were missing shoot us an email with the information and we will credit you as the source.

We wish you all lucrative purchases and dope collections.

-The TFSociety