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Lil B “The BasedGod”

Rich After Taxes

Download “Rich After Taxes”

So apparently Lil B keeps it real

Can you believe it Lil B finally drops another mixtape

Lol this guy is dropping something new at least once a week #TYBG

In case you missed it Lil B has a 848 Based Freestyle mixtape you should go get the history..

After You download this..

Download “Rich After Taxes”


  1. Soul On The Streets
  2. I’m Winning
  3. Money Connect
  4. Soul Music
  5. Unprotected
  6. Don’t Be Afraid
  7. Based On A Tru Story
  8. The Room of Everything
  9. Take It Take It
  10. What Do You Do
  11. Still In The Wind
  12. We Getting Right
  13. Based Relax
  14. Dopehouse
  15. Gunz And Strapz I’m Depressed Based Freestyle
  16. Fonkin Wit Da Mac Based Freestyle

Lil B “The Basedgod”

Green Flame

Download “Green Flame”

And like that it’s here

Lil B releases Green Flame still providing music for the open minds and open hearts

Download Above and Below

Click! For Videos

Hear em out..

Click! The Artwork


  1. Bitch Mob (Intro)
  2. I Go Dumb
  3. Where Ya From Gurl
  4. Watch Wit Da Scope
  5. Gon Hit That 50
  6. Hit Da 4lo
  7. Retaliation
  8. Girl Talk Interlude
  9. I Got Alot of B*tches
  10. Deals Whoodie
  11. I Tot Iann
  12. Laundry Mat Music
  13. Green Flame
  14. Junes Confessions
  15. My Arms Are The Brooklyn Bridge
  16. Notty BasedGod BASED FREESTYLE
  18. Back To Based BASED FREESTYLE
  19. Back Home

Lil B “The Basedgod”

I Go Dumb

“Green Flame” on Thee Way

Green Flame looking crazy

Some lowkey riding sh*t

Ahhh Damm..I wish a girl would run up to me and take her shirt off

I Got Alota Bit*he$

You see how far the Flames has come

Got Basedgod….lota…

Basedgod got Lil B stuntin odee..

Flowers Rise

One of those rare Lil B BasedGod classics

The truth does wonders to the soul

Don’t deny the truth..

Talking That Based

This was my shit off that Goldhouse tape

This shit slaps mane

Don’t front..

I Got Mo Based Freestyle

Back to that Green Flame

This guy’s play on words is sick

Is it really a play on words…sh*t jut call it his #Based..

Live Online (Bout My Dollaz)

Lil B shows respect to one of his mentor’s

Picks up Too Short’s flow and brings it to #BasedWorld

Check It Out..

Dress For The Occasion

And we finish up with some Basedprint: Vol II

Lil B still doing his thing man

Keep it up Bruh..

Lil B “The BasedGod”

Water Is D.M.G. Pt. 1

Download “Water is D.M.G. Pt.1”

One of those rare mixtapes where Lil B spits some knowledge and all truth

Hidden all within the mixtape




Download “Water is D.M.G. Pt.1”


1. Water is Me

2. Robbin’ And Shoppin’

3. The Season

4. Relate To Nothing

5. You Know Me

6. Pain and Misery

7. I Love The Rap Game

8. Save The Kids

9. Rhymes To The Soul

10. I Ton Iann

11. Neva Back Down

12. Im Here To Serve

13. Shooting Star

14. Atlanta

15. See Ya Remix

16. I’m Still Burning

17. My Diary Pt.4

18. Party BasedGod

19. Den Fukt

20. Backseat (Intro)

21. 1 Mo Time

22. Speaking For Peace

23. Baby Meat Skit

24. Bonafide Hustler

25. Computer Love

26. Dedication

27. Keep Fu*king

28. New York

29. Relaxed and Ultra

30. Rules For Da Lick Pt. 1

31. Yes I’m Geeked

32. Say Goodbye

Lil B “The BasedGod”

All My Life

Purchase “Rain In England” on iTunes



Rain in England Visuals..

Lil B “The BasedGod”

4 Da Bi*** Mob


Like I was saying before this mixtape SLLLLAPS

Lil B Get off yo nuts bruh

Get that mixtape..

The Truth

The Truth is Lil B be flexing on the low

“I Bought Some hot Jordans, Cause I Can’t afford em”

His lyrics tell his story..

Cumin From Da Unda

The intro track to #1Bitch 

Who else you know rapping over Darth Varder’s walking music



Back to be Trapped In Basedworld

Lil B sampling some rare Goldhouse and another rare track

And made some rare visuals..

B***h Doing 30

A bad female twerkin on a pole for his video

Can you be mad at young bruh

“The Power Of Positive Thinking”

Lil B “The BasedGod”

3 Stacks


Damn Lil B

Real Shit…The human race needed this track

I appreciate this track..

Lil B “The BasedGod”

Connected In Jail


The only rapper real enough to give a Rob Zombie sample justice

Lil B still slappin’ that based

Check It Out..


Basedgod made his way to show Texas some love from Cali

This mixtape was something else

Worth the listen

Lil B “The BasedGod”

Trapped In BasedWorld

Download "Trapped In Basedworld"

This mixtape SLAPS

Forreal this shit is hard as hell


Get with the wave faggot

(No Offense)

Trapped In BasedWorld


1. Trapped in BasedWorld (Intro)

2. Connected In Jail

3. The Truth


5. Bitch Mob Gangsta

6. 4 Da BitchMob

7. Ski Mask Thuggin

8. Why You In My House

9. Letter B4 Da Chair

10. You Swim

11. Texas

12. Bitch Doing 30

13. Beez In Da Hood

14. Based Mary

Lil B “The BasedGod” Lecture At NYU


Obviously there’s something epic behind this movement

Positivity triumphs over all

This is a rare honor that was bestowed upon Lil B

Influence the masses

Here’s The Videos

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3: