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May 19th



Happy May19th. ALLAN releases his first project featuring a compilation of new and OLD work. This project features features from B.D. of GTBK, C-Flo, Jace of Two-9 and Scotty Dividends. Check out the FREE work and make sure you stay tuned for all Future Updates. Click the Pic! for the Download. #TrueFreedom Bitch.



Nemo Hoes & Curren$y

The Best Weed Strains


GGN is still out here deep into Season 3

This time they bring Spitta on the show and break it down


Blow Fly be goin off

Gumby’ creator Art Clokey, has passed at the age of 88 yesterday.

Art Clokey, the creator of the whimsical clay figure Gumby, died in his sleep Friday at his home in Los Osos, Calif., after battling repeated bladder infections, his son Joseph said. He was 88.

Clokey and his wife, Ruth, invented Gumby in the early 1950s at their Covina home shortly after Art had finished film school at USC. After a successful debut on “The Howdy Doody Show,” Gumby soon became the star of its own hit television show, “The Adventures of Gumby,” the first to use clay animation on television.

via Los Angeles Times

RIP Steve Jobs February 24th, 1955 -October 5th, 2011

Only what seems like hours after the release of details of iPhone4s….RIP Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs, founder of the first personal computer (The Apple 2), iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac and iTunes has passed away. The cause of death has not been released but Jobs recently stepped down as Apple CEO due to health issues. Jobs was a brilliant man and had a powerful hand in building the technological foundation that we have today. He has become the face of creativity (yet simplicity). His imprint in society will never be forgotten.

R.I.P Steve Jobs

Source: ABC News

Steve Jobs Introduction of the iPod

Richard Kerr is a hero by all measures. Two waves crashed to shore, Joseph and Richard Kerr were pulled out into the ocean. “It was terrifying thinking I had lost my husband and my son at once,” Lynn Kerr said. “My husband saved my son’s life. He’ll always be my hero.” Richard Kerr told his son to hold onto his back and to not let go, his son was able to survive but he drowned.

Read the Full Article Here

Watch the News Clip here

Alright now before we jump to conclusions and say these people are outrageous and animals I want to say a few things on my behalf. When i use to play football (up until high school) bad calls were frequently made. From close calls to down right wrong calls. In the heat of a game too many bad calls can really change the tide of a game. When you have a team that trains week in and week out those calls begin to effect you personally. A love for a sport can be the same as a love for anyone else and to play with someones emotions can have a huge negative outcome.

Now i want to speak on one specific game back from when i was about 11 years old. It was a deciding game for the playoffs and we needed to win that game in order to make it. I’m not trying to say race was a definite factor but hear me out. I played for a predominately African-American team while the team we played was mainly Caucasian. From the first quarter down to about the third we had bad call after bad call. Touchdowns called back, unfair penalty’s, the works. The frustration that builds up when your playing your hardest can be overwhelming. Eventually our whole side of the field got fed up and we stopped playing. Our coaches would try and talk to the ref and the ref did the samething the ref did in this video, walk away and ignored every reasonable plea.

We had to forfeit the game and did not make the playoffs that year.

In no way am I condoning the attack on this referee, but I want to say you have to know and understand every side of the story before you can judge.

If this situation was anything like the one that I went through, I can understand the frustration.

Read the article here with a longer video.

Though the album leaked a week or two prior to it’s release, it officially released Monday August 29th. Personally, I feel Tha Carter IV is a great album, it fit into the current culture of music, it was diverse and honestly Wayne made a great piece of Art. Yes, I said Wayne made a great piece of Art. The make up of the album was put together really well. From the production to the marketing to the consistency of the songs (and if you tryna say Wayne fell off or his lyrics aren’t what it used to be #takeaseat). Wayne raps the same way he always has, maybe not with the same hunger but his swag is still there and the way he owns tracks is like no other.

Recently I read an article off (Read The Article Here) where they basically said the album was “mediocre”. A statement I whole heartedly disagree with. In a day in music where Wayne has crazy competition with all these new artist and people constantly saying he isn’t living up to what he’s supposed to be, I feel that Wayne not only kept true to himself, he stepped it up to a whole other level. And when you buy an album what more can you really ask for.

Lil Wayne saved hip hop when he was one of the only few artist pushing music worth listening to, consistently (Tha Carter, The Dedication, Tha Carter II, The Dedication II, Da Drought 3, Tha Carter III, The Dedication 3, No Ceilings and the collections of leaked and stolen music), now that there’s a variety of music, hip hop has breath, people still expect Wayne to keep saving something that’s already saved. Wayne honestly needs to keep doing what he’s doing right now, chilling and being himself. And on top of that continuing to help push hip hop in the direction it needs to go in.

I could understand if you don’t like Wayne now because he lacks the hunger he had before, and you don’t like the artist that he is today (which means its your time to hop off the bandwagon). The article was titled “Where the Fu*k has Weezy Gone” with his infamous picture from the VMA’s

Honestly Wayne as it a the point (and been at this point) where he doesn’t care what people have to say about what he does, he still gonna keep doing whatever he feels like doing and enjoy doing it. Personally I fuck with Wayne doing the Tiny Pant swag (S/O Lil B). It may not be for you but you gotta respect his position and you have to pay attention to his leopard print tiny jeans (holding to any news is good news).

But the article I read showed me one thing. No matter what Lil Wayne does, he’ll never reach these unrealistic expectations that people have set. I realized it once i read this…

“His latest single “She Will” featuring Drake is the normal b*tch-loving, money talking, superficial track that real hip-hop lovers get tired of hearing all the time.”

and prior to that, the article spoke on “John” and “How To Love”…

“The Polow Da Don-produced  “John” featuring Rick Rosssounds eerily like a trap house hit Lex Luger would cook up, and although “How To Love” is catchy it’s not the Weezy we all love.”

This person went in to say he’s tired of hearing the same old, same old. But when they hear did something different with “How To Love”  “It’s not the Weezy we love”.

Come On Son, Seriously

Enjoy the music and chill out

Buy it on iTunes and judge yourself.

Carter IV


So around 6:00 pm Saturday 2 Staten Island buddies aged 34 and 35 (yes these were grown men) decided that it would be an awesome idea to go kayaking as Irene approached. Not only did they think it they put it into motion. Around 7 p.m. there was a 911 call to save 2 kayakers who were “floundering” in the New York Harbor.

Luckily they were saved

They were also served with summonses

Read article here

“Former Inter Milan striker Samuel Eto’o will apparently be headed to the Russian squad Anzhi Makhachkala (bless you) where the Cameroon International will earn a reported $28.8 million a year for the next three years. That makes Eto’o the highest paid soccer player in the world, earning about $11.5 million a year more than Cristiano Ronaldo. Inter Milan will also be pulling in some cash with the deal, receiving a $38.9 million transfer fee. ”

Read full article at …ology

The U.S office of Naval Research has recently developed an explosive that’s supposed to be able increase the energy in the explosive by 5x. This made possible by a new kind of steel that they are testing on new missiles so that instead of the energy going through the target on impact it is supposed to disintegrate within the target and release all the energy. Along with doing this the missile is said to cause a “catastrophic kill” and minimize civilian casualties. The new missile is supposed to be able to zero in on targets better and take less missiles to eliminate a target.

Either way the time of war is over, we need to stop trying to better the ways we kill each other and find a way to unite.

Read article here