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Obama Gets Some New Kicks

New Balance 990 'Made in USA' for President Obama-01

Somebody get Obama a red sneakerhead band.

Now this is dope. Looks like everybody wants to give Obama kicks. Can’t be mad though dude does great things and deserves the love. I wish people would just give me kicks. Read more below for the story

After receiving Jordan Spiz’ikes from Spike Lee earlier this year, United States President Obama is set to receive another pair of sneakers, this time custom American made New Balance 990s, courtesy of Maine Representative Michael Michaud.

Embellished with ‘President Obama’ stitching around the heel, the classically grey suede and mesh NB sneakers come as a gift supporting recent legislation to outfit US soldiers with American-made footwear, which would both provide the troops with superior sneakers and create more jobs in the state of Maine.



Bill Maher Said to Donate $1 Million to Priorities USA Action


On Bill Maher’s comedy live stream on Yahoo! he said he would donate $1 Million Dollars (Dr. Evil Voice) to Obama’s Super Pac (Priorities USA Action)

At Priorities USA Action, we believe the stakes for protecting our country’s core values have never been higher as the far right pursues an agenda that rewards only the wealthiest few at the expense of middle class families.

We advocate for candidates who, first and foremost, support economic policies that generate American jobs and invest in the American economy.  We support candidates who believe in the importance of fairness and equal opportunity for access to health care and investing in our education infrastructure to ensure the American standard of innovation, excellence, and competition. We support candidates who promote national security polices that keep our nation secure and enhance our position as a respected world leader.


Cause if he doesn’t win..who will??

Support The Progression

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Obama’s tour bus

Soo Obama has a $1.1 million all black tinted windowed bus. The bus comes equipped with flashing red and blue lights, bullet proof glass that could allegedly take a rocket and who else knows what else (literally the secret service isn’t really letting any information out on the bus). But what we do know is that it is made by Cadillac, which makes a lot of our hearts smile. Obama will begin going across the country in this mobile soon. There is also one made for the Republican Candidate who will be running against Obama come November 2012.


Also Sarah Palin is doing something similar but really…who cares.

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