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TheTFSociety x Big Beard Mafia






theTFSociety came with the Pack and Mr. Spud finessed it to its finest. ALLAN gets the Spud Mack treatment for a very well put together piece. Be on the lookout for more Product coming soon.



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Pills Thrills And Automobiles


Spud MacknEasy back out here with DJ Kay Slay and they got those Pills Thrills And Automobiles (The Prescription). Spud stay doing his thing. You should definitely hit that artwork for the download.


1. Pills, Thrills, and Automobiles

2. Christasscre

3. BMF

4. Fly Together

5. Harsh

6. Hustle

7. Just Wanna Party

8. Kush Is My Cologne

9. Lets Go

10. Life Lessons

11. Like

12. Moma

13. Money Mirror

14. Monsters

15. Outta Bullets

16. Real Ni*ga Sh*t

17. Shout Out

18. Show Off

19. Supposed

20. Tony Montana

21. Trap Talk

22. Trouble

23. Freeze Me

24. You Should Know



Spud back on deck with the new visuals. You already know. Check it out below.

here is the second video/commercial as promised. from the “PILLZ,THRILLZ&AUTOMOBILES” (the perscription) mixtape starring Spud Mackn a.k.a.( Spud Mack N Easy) and Dj Kay Slay