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Ski Beatz Makes It Happen on Sway In The Morning

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They had all the instruments there to make it happen

Rappers and Real Instruments is always something Epic

Check It Out..

“Did It For The Green” and “Thank God”

Ski Beatz Freestyle Jam Session


SchoolBoy Q & Ab-Soul 5 Fingers of Death


Damn two of the West Coast dopest MC’s go at it for Sway In The Morning

7 Minutes of Fire

Over Stupid Beats

Check It Out..

K.R.I.T. On Sway In The Morning


K.R.I.T. goes in for his Sway In The Morning Freestyle.

K.R.I.T. out here for real

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Tity Boi (2 Chainz) Feat. Jadakiss

One Day at A Time

2 Chainz and Jadakiss collab up for this new track. Completely unexpected but damn i’m not complaining.

This track is smooth as hell, just as it should be. Along with the classic Jadakiss verse, #Perfect

Download Here

Be on the lookout for 2 Chainz next mixtape T.R.U. REALigion coming soon

Recently 2 Chainz dropped a freestyle with Sway In The Morning

Man Kendrick is an animal. Every time this dude freestyles not only does he go the fu*k but he says some real meaningful sh*t in the process. Heres his freestyle for Sway In The Morning. He definitely does his thing. Make sure you check out the video below and get Section.80 here.