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May 19th



Happy May19th. ALLAN releases his first project featuring a compilation of new and OLD work. This project features features from B.D. of GTBK, C-Flo, Jace of Two-9 and Scotty Dividends. Check out the FREE work and make sure you stay tuned for all Future Updates. Click the Pic! for the Download. #TrueFreedom Bitch.



Lil B ‘The BasedGod’ X Montreality

Ayyeeee finally we get to #TFSCertify some Lil B. TYBG that is from Montreality one of the dopest interviewers out. #Rare. Fugg wit em..

In this interview with Montreality, LIL B speaks about:

– The type of student he was at school 
– Jobs he had as a teenager growing up 
– What he spent his 1st big paycheck on
– The key to success 
– His book “Takin’ Over By Imposing The Positive”
– What he thinks he were in a previous lifetime 
– His last meal of choice 
– His favorite cartoon character
– His favorite videogame 
– An artist he would like to collaborate with
– LADY GAGA “showing love” on her shocking new rap song (2:34)
– His long awaited debut album & upcoming Rock album (2:49)
– Challenging KEVIN DURANT to Basketball (3:41)
– His legacy, what he hopes to leaves behind

The Urban Authority across Canada.


Lil B ‘The BasedGod’

Illusions of Grandeur 2

Download “Illusions Of Grandeur 2”

What a mixtape cover; fu*kin epic

But Basedgod follows up Based Jam with the sequel to Illusions Of Grandeur

If you heard the first one the second definitely follows suit with alotta that real sh*t the niggas need to hear



  1. Rawest Rapper Alive 2013
  2. Cant See B
  3. Broken Levee
  4. The Game On Lock
  5. Illusions Of G
  6. Don’t Forget About Me
  7. Lost
  8. Hood Played Out
  9. Battery Acid
  10. Still In The Hood
  11. The Working Man
  12. Talking That Based Remix
  13. Bitch Dont Lie

Rawest Rapper Alive 2013

Good Luck With your tryouts Big Bruh

Lil B “The BasedGod”

Hood Played Out

‘Illusions of Grandeur 2’ Coming Soon

You know Lil B always keep the videos rockin

We got two more for you already

Illusions of Grandeur 2 boutta be a instant classic



Hood Played Out

I Still Got Beef

@LilBTheBasedGod #TYBG

Lil B “The BasedGod”

Frozen Based Freestyle Mixtape

Download “Frozen Based Freestyle Mixtape”

Earlier in the month Lil Boss dropped a dope collective mixtape of Based Freestyles

If you want to hear some qualitative Based Freestyles you should fu*k with this one

No matter what Lil B will be considered one of the best for a generation

Most progressive, creative, diverse rapper of today

Lil B For Lil Boss..



Lil B been dropping some dope video’s (including the “California Boy” video)

But you definitely gotta check these out

BasedGod Loves the People, Lil B Loves the People, We Love the People

One Reason why Lil B will always be seen


Warm Ups (KD Call Out)

Run 4 Mayor

Woo Woo Swag**

Back Home  *Rare*


A Place For Everything *Rare*

Thug Life

Im Your Fantasy (Food For Your Heart)

Based Jam **

The Game On Lock (Illusions of Grandeur 2 Coming Soon)

Lil B “The BasedGod”

California Boy

Purchase “California Boy” on iTunes

Lil B has done it

He dropped the first single off his rock album titled “California Boy”

If he does this the right way he can really pave another lane for his career to take off

Definitely worth the watch/listen

Check em Out..

Lil B “The BasedGod”

Based Jam

Download “Based Jam”

Talk about #rare

Lil B did some epic sh*t and dropped some epic sh*t

This has some new #BasedJams on it..

Download “Based Jam”


  1. I Still Got Beef
  2. Tell You This
  3. Erybody Kno
  4. Run 4 Mayor
  5. Championship Game
  6. Based Jam
  7. Warm Ups
  8. Thug Life
  9. Up And Down
  10. Hip Hops Alive
  11. Supposed Ta
  12. Growin Up (Interlude)
  13. Life Or Death
  14. Locust
  15. Will Power
  16. Doin Bad
  17. Total Recall Remix
  18. Hit Em Up
  19. Flexin Maybak
  21. You Saved Me

Supposed Ta

Total Recall (Task Force)

Lil B “The BasedGod”

Tell You This

Yeup it’s Comin’

And like that some new BasedGod

That Feel Good ‘Tell You This” music

Come rock with the BasedGod..

Lil B “The BasedGod”

Errbody Know

The Next Based Move

Oh you thought we forgot

Basedgod still out here and that movement still strong

We got the newest and everything else you may’ve missed from Lil B himself

BasedJam looking like that sh*t

Come see Wassup..

Task Force

Make sure you get that Task Force and hear why they protect Bitch

Download “Task Force”

Task Force

Spontaneous Combustion

Fu*k Me


Ryan Secrest

Obama Basedgod


Download “Obama BasedGod”

Obama Basedgod

Political Warfare

White Flame

I’m Glad Lil B is keeping that legendary mixtape current

Download “White Flame”

Keep My Eyes Open 2

Lil B “The BasedGod”

Where Ya From Girl

Get The Latest

“Where Ya From Girl” is off that Green Flame

You shoulda been had that 1

Check em out..

Soul on The Streets

Now we into that Rich After Taxes

Some of the realest out

If you listen, You gotta feel it..

Fonkin Wit Da Mac

A Based Freestyle where Lil B’s eyes match his sweatshirt is extremely rare

Cook that bitch

Don’t be fonkin wit the mac though keep it positive fonk off that macbook :)..

Real Spit

For those that doubt Lil B, this one is to show you the truth

Hear em out

Lil B has a social network btw…

Task Force

And like that a new mixtape should be coming soon

Task Force coming Soon