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May 19th



Happy May19th. ALLAN releases his first project featuring a compilation of new and OLD work. This project features features from B.D. of GTBK, C-Flo, Jace of Two-9 and Scotty Dividends. Check out the FREE work and make sure you stay tuned for all Future Updates. Click the Pic! for the Download. #TrueFreedom Bitch.


Telescope +

These visuals are amazing. Take you a trip. Roll one, pour you up some, pop you one. Do whatever it is you do and hit that play. Telescope is my favorite.



iamOTHER Presents: Nardwuar Vs. Juicy J


Deadass this is one of the funniest Nardwuar’s of Nardwuar’s time

Juicy J turnt up

Do you think Nardwuar turnt up?

Juicy J

Blue Dream & Lean

Download “Blue Dream and Lean” Bonus Tracks

Damn Juice



Download “Blue Dream and Lean” Bonus Tracks


  1. Zig Zags
  2. Bandz A Make Her Dance
  3. Codine Cups
  4. Deep In Da Hood
  5. Hell Of A Drug
  6. I Won’t Miss Ya
  7. I’m Ballin
  8. It’s In Me To Hustle
  9. Money Mane Remix
  10. These Hands


Juicy J

Won’t Miss Ya



Puff It



WhyKay hits us with some new visuals to keep your 4/20 slappin. The track features Blizzy and Gemmi and everybody does their thing. The visuals are directed by @defidefinition and are trippy as they should be. If you been celebrating I think you know what to do. Visuals below.


Juicy J Feat. 2 Chainz

Oh Well (Remix)


2 Chainz and Juicy J #2Trippy

These nig*as go in


Juicy J

Errbody Wave


Some new Blue Dream and Lean Visuals

I wonder if there’s plans to make a video for every track


Juicy J

2 more trippy visuals on the table from Juicy. All off that

Hit that artwork.

Countin’ Faces

Lucky Charm

and in case you missed it

Deez Bitch*s Rollin’

The duo from Three 6 Mafia drop a video to this cut off of none other then Rubba Band Business 2. Enjoy some more #Trippy visuals