Phred Diamond



Recently I was put on to a hip-hop group out the DMV called Phred (people-hardly-remember-everyone-dead) Diamond. The members are Knox Diamond, Hill Will, Mani, Profit Tusane and Sandman. Below is their tape NOWALATERS and honestly I fu*ks with it. Their sound is different from a lot that I’ve heard but it’s defenintly a sound I could rock with. I think it would be a good idea to hit that artwork and check it out. Tracklist and videos below.

Songs with videos below are in red


2. Life-Size

3. Pop Them Thangs

4. Once Again

5. Power Up

6. Protect Your Dreams NOW [Intermission]

7. Flying Time [Knox]

8. Unconventional [Mani]

9. LIFE2K10 [Hill Will]

10. Save The Drama (HOME2)

11. Talkin’ to a Goods

12. I Missed You [Aaliyah Tribute 1] RIP TREY

13. Out Of Bounds (feat. Profit)

14. Irish Spring

15. Ms. Diamond

16. Do It B.I.G

17. Phred Diamond Boyz

18. Workers & Trappers

19. Outro [NOWALATERS]

Once Again

LIFE2K10 [Hill Will]

Save The Drama (HOME2)

Be on the lookout for their upcoming project No Wasted Bars