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Fuck You Expect

Some new fire from the big homie. “Fuck you expect”.




Money Counter

And heres my favorite song. Wuddup Jace. Let that chopper ring big bruh.




Definitely my favorite fucking video right now. Shouts to the homies they been putting in work and it shows. 



Mary Jace

Shouts to the big cuz. My nigga on fire.



Retro Su$h! Feat. Key!

Free Waffles

This shit is smooth

Atlanta niggas can turn that auto tune uppp


Thirty Seven Thirty Two Feat. OJ Da Juiceman


Jace and Ceej cut up with Da Juiceman for another one of them rare cuts


Kung-Fu In Japan

Where The Money At?


This sh*t is too turnt. Jace and Curt slayed this track. If you don’t hit that play, you f*ckin up.

Retro Su$h!

Kung-Fu In Japan

Download “Kung-Fu In Japan”

The two Two-9 emcees Retro Su$h! drop there long awaited debut mixtape

They got smooth sounds to accompany dope story lines

This music is deeper then the music but it’s all about the music

Definitely worth the listen

Check em out..

Download “Kung-Fu In Japan”


  1. Konnichiwa (Prod. by CEEJ)
  2. Stayin True Feat. Key! & Ricky Fontaine (Prod. By. CEEJ)
  3. Kung-Fu In Japan (Prod. By LeftHandMitch)
  4. Mattress/They Know (Prod. By. Curtis Williams)
  5. Feather Interlude (Prod. By Benny Sings)
  6. Zonin Feat. Rome Fortune (Prod. By CEEJ & Childish Major)
  7. Cool Kong (Prod. By SB)
  8. Fly Away Feat. Lorine Chia (Prod. By. CEEJ)
  9. Diamonds Interlude (Prod. by Del Fresco)
  10. Gordon Gekko (Prod. By CEEJ & Childish Major)
  11. Sigmund Freud Interlude (Prod. By Pro)
  12. Toot$ Feat. Damien Aidoo (Prod. By CEEJ)
  13. Progress Feat. MoneyMakinNique (Prod. By. CEEJ)
  14. Eastside Prayer Interlude (Prod. By Curtis Williams)
  15. Mama I Been Crying Feat. Key! & Damien Aidoo (Prod. By CEEJ)
  16. Still True Feat. Rome Fortune (Prod. by CEEJ)

About a year ago these dudes dropped some epic visuals for a dope track in case you forgot..



Download “Two9 Forever” Mixtape

Another cut off that Two9 mixtape

FKB be cuttin up

This shit is hard from the beat to the lyrics..

Rome Fortune & Ceej of Retro Su$h!


Download “LoLo”

Ceej of Retro Su$h! and Rome Fortune link up to make some art

Ceej blessed the beats and Rome Fortune added the finishing touches

This tape is smooth as hell..

Download “LoLo”

Click! The Artwork



T$O (Trill Shit Only)


Heres some trill sh*t from a trill dude. Two9 member Curtis Williams drops his Trill Shit Only. We’ve been fu*king with Curt and the Two9 movement for a minute now and the team defenintly does their thing. I’ve heard a couple tracks produced by Curt and his production is tight. I honestly have high expectations for this tape and the team. Im about three tracks in and the tape bangs. Definently worth the download. Check it out below.

Click either pic for download